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The main responsibility of the markets is to ensure that good practice is maintained and that information is presented to buyers at the auction.  Accurate grading and labelling which conveys to the buyers otherwise unobservable information on quality and traceability are important responsibilities that need to be in order.  Humberside markets form a ‘shop front' for Icelandic imported fresh fish so it is important that good hygiene and good handling practices are in force and that the chill chain is maintained at all times while the fish is at the market.

For decades Icelandic fish has been supplied to markets in both Hull and Grimsby. This however changed recently, when Atlantic Fresh decided to focus solely on supplying Grimsby Fish Market with containerised fresh fish.

Obligations of the markets:

  • Make sure that grading and labelling is in order
  • Present an accurate description on each lot number
  • Ensure traceability
  • Ensure quality control
  • Provide adequate facilities

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