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In order to supply UK consumers with top quality seafood from clear Icelandic waters, numerous issues need to be taken into consideration.  Quality needs to be maintained throughout the whole supply chain, but correct initial handling of the raw material is essential in order to guarantee the final result.  Quality factors that are affected by the catching vessel become an issue even before the vessel leaves the harbour, because factors such as time of year, catching grounds and gear type can affect the quality of the raw material.  The fishing pattern, on board handling, chilling, choice of storage bins and container types, labelling, traceability, forward information sharing etc. are all important factors that need to be considered.  Following are some details on the most important quality factors that vessel operators are responsible for:

Seafish has produced a booklet for fishermen who are engaged in the capture of demersal species from fisheries around the UK and the EU.  The booklet is intended as a guide for the demersal catching sector; regarding applicable UK and EU regulations concerning food safety.  This booklet should be considered as a valuable input when working procedures are developed in the value chain of containerised Icelandic fish.


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