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Vessels are variably equipped to handle and chill the catch.  Many vessels use liquid ice to pre-chill the catch before icing it in tubs down in the hold, with either flake- or more liquid ice.  Liquid ice (slurry- or slush ice) has been shown to cool fish much more efficiently than ordinary flake ice and can give a number of quality benefits when used in the correct way.  By pre-chilling the catch in liquid ice for approximately 40 minutes it is possible to lower the temperature in the raw material to -1°C before it is stored in the hold.  However, this does not replace the need for clean, quick handling and careful packing in the hold.  It is also imperative to maintain an unbroken chill chain throughout the whole supply chin, placing responsibility on each link in the chain.  Temperature loggers are sometimes used to verify that the fish is reaching the UK market without being subjected to temperature fluctuations, one such test can be seen here.


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