Labelling and traceability
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Currently, most Icelandic vessels are labelling tubs at sea when landing to their own domestic processing.  However this practice is not frequently carried out on fish exported to the UK.  As a result the date of capture and subsequent number of days on ice is not known when the fish reaches the market.  Without this information the buyers are only able to gauge the quality of the fish by visual inspection and may deter merchants from purchasing remotely.  Improved labelling and traceability is not a requirement per se, but would most certainly have a positive impact on quality of the final product, if taken advantage of by everyone in the supply chain.  This would for example improve information and labelling regarding expiration dates and add to available information on various quality factors.  The data capture can be made relatively automatic by taping into already used information software on-board the fishing vessels i.e. SeaData, WiseFish, FisHmark etc. but can also be done manually if preferred.


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